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There are many Hotels in Fareham, which is located near Portsmouth Harbour. Before you book a room in the town, you'll want to know what kind of things you can do whilst there. Here are the top activities to do in Fareham.

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Hill Head Beach

Hill Head Beach is one of the top attractions in the area. During high tide, the beach is typically shingled, and during low tie you can usually spot many shells. While there, you can take in gorgeous views of the Solent. Even if the beach is crowded, you will find the walks along it to be peaceful.

Titchfield Abbey

No trip to Fareham would be complete without visiting Titchfield Abbey. The site is a great pace to visit if you want to spend an afternoon there with the kids or if you want to spend a bit of time walking around. You can pack a picnic too as there are picnic tables located throughout the site. Not only that, but on the opposite side of the entrance is a pub, so feel free to pop in for a drink and some food.

Garden Of Reflection

If you're looking for something fun to do, but you don't want to spend all your time doing it, then make sure to check out the Garden of Reflection. It's a small garden, but it is still worth visiting. In fact, it's one of the best attractions in Fareham. It's a good place to go to for a bit of peace and quiet.

Westbury Manor Museum

This is a history museum that hosts a range of interesting exhibits. Most of the exhibits are focused around Fareham, and there is plenty to see while there. After you spend time browsing the exhibits, you can check out the museum shop, which is well-stocked. You can also grab a drink and some food at the cafe. Once you receive your food, you can take it outside and eat it in the garden. Be prepared to spend a good hour or two at the Westbury Manor Museum.

Those are a few fun things to do whilst in Fareham. With so many places to stay at, you'll have no problems finding the ideal accommodation. Do a bit of research on hotels in Fareham, and find out what kind of amenities and facilities each one has and what's nearby. After you do this, you can go ahead and book a room.